Artemide Les Danseuses

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Artemide Les Danseuses

Product name: les danseuses 
Material: fabric, aluminium
Series: design
Designers - Atelier Oï
Environment: indoor

Code Product name Color 

DOI4300A14 Les Danseuses - Blue/light blue
DOI4300A12 Les Danseuses - Green/ocher
DOI4300A13 Les Danseuses - Violet/purple


Height: cm 90
Diameter: cm 150
Max height from ceiling: cm 125
Lamps included
Category: led
Number: 7
Watt: 30w
Color temperature (k): 3000k
Class: A


Watt - 30W 
Luminous Flux (lm) - 1980lm
CCT 3000K
CRI: 80


Les Danseuses is a suspension lamp that draws inspiration from dancing, from the harmonious movement of the fabric that gently moves against air resistance.Combines light and air in a hybrid product for better environmental quality. An engine is, in fact, mounted on the suspension shaft to move and raise the fabric, alongside an optical unit producing diffused light.This rotates to move air and changes the light emission, thus animating the environment with gentle dynamic light projections, with a positive influence on its perception.Thus very low power consumption results into improved environmental quality.Studies on the physics of centripetal and centrifugal forces, starting from a suggestion, lead to materialize and stabilize the shape during rotation with precise cuts into the fabric.a non-aesthetic, but rather physical intelligence principle defines 3 different laser cutting programmes for the textile disks.A precise balance between speed, i.e. the energy used for rotation, number, size, position, and shape of the cuts ensures variable stability of the moving fabric, defines shapes and their movements.The fabric was selected for its light diffusing properties and has two colours with a lighter inside, which is therefore more suited to reflect light. The cuts have a purpose related to light; they screen and filter it, yet let it through even when the fabric is not moving.By changing their rotation speed, the discs change from the vertical to the horizontal position, open up and illuminate the whole environment.Les Danseuse is therefore a project that involves air and light, emotion and surprise, energy and environmental quality with a poetic approach.

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