Transeo 72 Craquele Table 1 base with 4 legs Reflex

Brand: Reflex
Product Code: Transeo 72 Craquele 1 base with 4 legs
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The Transeo table gives a new expression in the use of glass.

Dining table with 3 or 4-legged base in extra clear crackled glass. Top in 15 mm thick transparent glass.

Dining table with base in extra clear crakled glass with details in shiny chromed metal.

Esstisch mit Untergestell aus extraklarem craquele Glas mit verchromten Metallteilen. Glasplatte 15 mm, Kanten poliert.

Table avec base en verre extra clair craquele avec details en metal chrome. Plateau en verre ep. 15 mm bords polis.

The base legs are realized in massive layers of glass, the center layer being crackled. A pleasing sparkling effect is created as the crackles refract and reflect light. The result is a table that expresses the perfect synthesis of technology and design characterized by extraordinary brightness and essential form.

Through precious lessons derived from the family glassworks established in the 1940's, Reflex distinguishes itself in the innovation and production of luxury furnishings.

All measurements in cm. Convert to inches by dividing by 2.54. Dining table with base in craquelé glass, also available in the extra-clear craquelé glass version. Glass top 15 mm thick polished edges. Base in extra-clear craquelé glass/


1 base a 4 gambe / 1 base with 4 legs / 1 Untergestell mit 4 Beinen / 1 base a 4 pieds

Piano in vetro sp. 15 mm, filo lucido / Glass top 15 mm thick, polished edges / Glasplatte

15 mm st, Kanten poliert / Plateau verre ep. 15 mm, bords polis

Rettangolare / Rectangular / Rechteckig / Rectangulaire

200 x 120 x72 h

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