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Moll Winner Children’s Desk

The Moll Winner and Winner Compact offer maximum versatility, diversity and uniqueness that provide limitless design options and customisation.

The height adjustable Winner and Winner Compact children’s desks by Moll, with their line of storage options, extensions and accessories, make up the most extensive desk system created by Moll, with up to 2160 design possibilities.

Depending on the age, size and requirements of the child, the Winner can easily be modified in the future to meet the growing demands of school work while still keeping up with the ergonomics and high-quality design.

Even though the basic width of the work surface for the Winner and Winner Compact is 120 cm and 90 cm respectively, this has not limited the design options for the children’s table. The Side Top, Multideck and Moll Flexdeck all enhance the Moll Winner and the way children work. The popular Giant Drawer is included with all Winner models to provide additional storage space.

The Pro and Profi containers complement the style and design of the Winner perfectly to complete the overall workstation.

Winner : Ergonomics for growth and flexibility

Flexible adjustability has always been a trademark of moll, and that also goes for the Winner: Children grow, and their needs change. That’s why children need desks and chairs that adapt to their body’s proportions – and that at every stage of development. This is where the tried-and-true Comfort height adjustment comes in. It takes just a few seconds to easily bring the desk to the ergonomically correct height. Ergonomically, the correct children’s swivel chair is just as important as the children’s desk.

The patented Comfort height adjustment in the feet continuously adjusts the desk height to crucially contribute to the desk’s outstanding ergonomics. This is unique, and a typical patented innovation from moll. Thanks to this patented height adjustment, the moll Winner can be infinitely adjusted to body sizes of up to 200 cm without any effort and without risk of injury.

The desk height can be adjusted from 53 cm to 82 cm, ideal for body sizes 110 cm to 200 cm. A scale on the base frame helps with precise adjustment.

Colorful children’s desks — as the child wants it

Kids like to have their favorite color around them all the time — adults buy children’s furniture for a long useful life. Winner grant both wishes and presents a stylish solution: the Winner desk that grows with the child. As an enhancement to the minimalist Winner, with its white desk sides, the side panel colors and decors can be changed later as color taste changes.

What the child needs at the desk is always there

It’s often the details that make a good product outstanding. moll Winner standard equipment includes many other practical organizational aids

Every desk comes with a book holder, a magnetic ruler and a bag hook. And the best is: All these practical, attractive helpers are always to top moll quality and always there – these extras ideally enhance the study area. Quality is also a top priority for the extras. They are just as durable as the table.


The Winner  ruler offers more than help with drawing straight lines. It has a magnifier, and its magnet inlay keeps it from slipping on tilted desktops.

Foldable book support

Champion’s foldable book support is more than just a bookend. When it’s folded, it fits into any bag and can even be taken to school. Two aluminum rods always have a firm grip on the book, which can’t even slide when the desktop is tilted.

Even the youngest want their own desk for painting and crafts – and Winner gives them what they want for a long time to come

The further developed program new basic allows great flexibility and variation with extendable basic models.

Your perfect basic features:

Height adjustment option, stable metal foot with castor at the back and height adjustment

Desktop that can be tilted just by lifting up to 18° – adjustable cushioned lowering

Practical pencil compartment that can be folded up. Color applications and color strips are supplied in 6 colors

Can be extended with three storage options

Book holder „new basic“

Hook for bags

Durable wood elements made of chip board, coated with melamine resin

Magnetic anti-slip feature with ruler and magnifying glass

Flex Deck – the master of multifunction

This multifunctional wall is fastened directly to the desk panels with two brackets to extend the desk to the third level. Standard equipment includes a magnetic pin board, which can also be used as a whiteboard and two shelves. Two aluminum bookends make sure nothing can fall from the sides. Next to that, you can also attach an optional Utensilo, which offers countless options for storing pencils, papers and odds and ends.

The Flex Deck is also available in a compact version.

Manufacturer Moll
Dimensions (HxWxD) cm. 120 × 72 cm, with 120 × 52 cm tilt-adjustable
Technical information
Country of origin Germany

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